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Boat insurance lets you have peace of mind while you enjoy a ride on the boat or your watercraft (PWC). As your travel across the rivers, ocean, or lake waters, you will never worry about anything else. If you are finding a new boat insurance policy or want to save money on the policy that you have already, we can help you in getting the best quote for boat insurance.

Why do you need boat insurance?

The boat insurance policy will help in protecting you as well as your boat. If there is no PWC insurance policy or separate boat policy, then you are not insured. Mostly, the homeowner’s policies will include:

  • Restrictions of size
  • Damage coverage limits
  • Horsepower limitations

Customize the coverage of Boat Insurance

Every boat is not the same. The boat insurance can be customized to meet the needs and give your boat proper coverage. Boat policies will offer coverage for:

  • Boat damage including sails, equipment, hulls, etc.
  • Replacement of new boat
  • Liability of fuel spill

Boat Insurance at Sonny Sanchez Insurance Agency

If you have a boat, get your boat insurance today at Sonny Sanchez Insurance Agency. We have a plan for everyone. So, call us today.

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