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Home insurance gives coverage to a home and its contents from damage or loss by man-made sources (terrorism, theft, riot, burglary, strike, and more). Your home insurance policy will also protect your house from all kinds of unexpected dangers and disasters, including storms, floods, earthquakes, and cyclones.

Sonny Sanchez Insurance Agency grants coverage for damage to your property, under one general policy. It joins several insurance packages that would usually have to be provided individually. Without the protection of insurance, you will be responsible for preserving your possessions, property, and liability exposure. Many people do not readily have enough funds to restore or repair all their lost or damaged possessions.

We are a local company in Edmond, and our team has worked and lived alongside you. This gives us a unique perspective and a greater ability to help because we know firsthand the risks homes in our area may encounter. Despite the weather, you can rely on our qualified and helpful team to understand and explain your coverage options, so you can design a package that suits your specific needs.

At Sonny Sanchez Insurance Agency, we understand that your current residence is more than just a structural building — it is the area you and your loved ones call home. We take special care to give customized service so that you can select the packages that suit your unique needs. You can always count on us to provide quality service whenever you need us.

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