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Homeowner's Insurance

Homeowner’s Insurance
Edmond OK

Homeowners insurance is the type of property insurance, which covers damages and losses to your residence, as well as furnishing and assets that you have in the home. Homeowners’ insurance gives liability coverage in case of accidents on the property or in the house.

Common types of homeowners insurance coverage

  • Dwelling – It protects against damage to the home, as in the roof or structure. This must be equal to the cost of building your home again.
  • Personal property – It pays you in case your personal belongings are stolen or damaged.
  • Other structures – It protects against damages to the structures attached to the home, as in the garage, fence, mailbox, or pool.
  • Personal liability – It pays you if you are sued for property damage or accidental injury to others
  • Additional living expenses – It covers the costs such as lodging temporarily and eating out if the home is not able to be lived in.
  • Medical payments – It covers minor injury costs if someone who does not live in your home is injured within the property.

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