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The properties owned by us are one of the biggest investments that we make, so it is essential to make sure that our properties are protected fully. In order to protect our property, it is important to buy a landlord insurance plan.

Landlord insurance is the policy for individuals who rent out the home that is owned by them. There are two coverage types for this insurance that typically includes liability and property protection. The purpose of both the coverage is to help in the protection of the landlord from financial losses.

Why you should buy landlord insurance?

Legally, you are not required to have landlord insurance, however, if you are renting out a property as the owner, then it is recommended to have landlord insurance. The reason is that a lot might go wrong with the rental properties, deliberately and accidentally, which is not covered by the standard home insurance. In some areas, you might find that the standard home insurance gets invalidated when the property is rented out and you have to make any claim.

At Sonny Sanchez Insurance Agency, the wealth of knowledge and experience of our insurance experts will make sure that you make a great decision.

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